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Setting the brain. The beginning

What do we have in common with reality? Why bad things happen to us? Why do we notice unimportant things and do not notice what is important? Why do we do things, which are not beneficial for us? Why do we strive for one thing getting another? Why do we make the same mistakes? Why are we the way we are?

You can read lots of literature, research articles, study psychology, sociology and even medicine to find answers to these questions but how many years will you spend studying these materials? And how much of unnecessary things you will get to know along? But, meanwhile, refusing to study these sciences, how much of new and useful you will not get to know? How many opportunities will you miss? Needless to say a lot. Psychology helps us to understand our Self, sociology – environment we live, principles of interaction between our Self and society. And medicine, neurobiology in particular, explains what our brains made and how psychological processes go inside us.

Learning the distinguished works and more than one tens of books on psychology and sociology, gathering all the important thoughts and passing them through the sieve of your perception, we receive a thick concentrate of useful knowledge, which we would like to open up for You, dear readers, in our Mindest series of articles. Of course, we will not be able to give you all the accumulated knowledge, but we will try to give You root principles of different systems, will try to explain this world, which is born across three the most important sciences for a human, forming one general science – science of life.

We consider life as a system in which such elements as Self, society and reactions interact. Our articles will be divided into three blocks from which you will get a general picture of reality and comprehensive view on self-development methods. Each article of our series will be dedicated to one of the following themes:

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  • 1. Attention
  • 2. Memory
  • 3. Thinking
  • 4. Will power
  • 5. Stimulants and motivation
  • 6. Goals
  • 7. Planning
  • 8. Decisionmaking
  • 9. Control
  • 10. A man and a woman

We will study these themes with you from different perspectives, all together and in isolation from one another, in plane of interaction and degree of impact upon us. We will talk about how to focus and develop memory, how the way of our thinking and goals influence the reality, how to choose stimulants right and what can be a motivation, how to plan one`s activity right and what to start with making decisions, also we will talk about difference between a man and a woman ways of thinking. You will get an image of why out of 100 daily suggested events, some happen to us, you will be able to pile up your cascades of events by yourself and choose those ones only you need. Our brains are a difficult tool of reality perception, which formerly settled up by not us but the environment we live in. And if you want your brains to work for you and your future, it requires a strong-minded tuning as you see fir and your goals.

Our course will be useful for those who want to get acquainted with works of famous thinkers of psychology and sociology, those who want to find out how our brains work but to save one`s time at that, soaking up the very essence, that thick concentrate of knowledge and principles, which lay on the huge copes of books read by us. See you in the next article, where we will open general principles of the brains work , find out what information gets in there daily and how it is processing.

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