Affirmations are thoughts bearing force

Affirmations are thoughts bearing force

Thoughts that we keep in mind, and the words that we speak, constantly shape our world and experience. Many of our ingrained habits of negative thinking, and we are not aware of the damage caused to themselves.

Because reading any of these affirmations every day, all that is described therein necessarily be attracted to life! The main thing to believe in what we say and think about the fact that we are talking

My healing is already happening
My willingness to forgive begins the process of my healing. I let the love of my heart to wash, cleanse and heal every part of my body. I know that is worthy (worthy) of healing.

I trust your inner wisdom
When I do the daily chores, I listen to your inner voice. My intuition is always on my side. I trust her, she's always inside me. I'm calm (calm).

I'm ready (ready) FORGIVE
Forgiving yourself and others frees me from the past. Forgiveness - the decision of almost all the problems. Forgiveness - my gift to myself. I forgive and releases.

I am deeply satisfied with all that I do
Every moment of the day special for me, because I follow your higher instincts and listen to your heart. I'm calm (calm) to his world and its affairs.

I TRUST throughout life
Life flows smoothly and rhythmically, and I'm part of it. Life supports me and gives me only good and positive experience. I believe that the course of life will bring me the highest good.

CILA has always focused at the moment
The past has been forgotten and has no power over me. I can be free (free) right at this moment. Today's thoughts create my future. I'm in control, and regaining his strength. I'm calm (calm) and free (free).

I want to change
I want to get rid of old negative beliefs. What is blocking my way - just a thought. My new thoughts are positive and constructive.

Each of my thoughts create my future
Universe fully supports every thought, and I choose to believe that. I have the unlimited selection of their thoughts. I choose to balance, harmony and peace, and I commend them in their lives.

Any reproaches
I release from the desire to blame someone else, including yourself. We all try as much as possible to use their knowledge, understanding and awareness.

I let go of all expectations
I swim through life easily and with love. I love me. I know that at every turn of life awaits me only good.

The people in my life are really my reflection. This gives me the opportunity to grow and change.

I keenly FRIEND
I set (tuned) to the thoughts and feelings of others. I give advice and support to my friends when they need it, and just listen with love, where appropriate.

FREEDOM - MY divine right
I am free (free) in their thinking and can choose only good thoughts. I rise above the limitations of the past and find freedom. Now I get all that, what was (were) created (established).

I drop all fears and doubts
Now, my choice: to free themselves from the ravages of all fears and doubts. I accept myself and create peace in his soul and heart. I loved (love) and protected (protected).

Divine mind guiding me
All that day helped me to make a choice. The divine mind is constantly leads me to achieve my goals. I'm calm (calm).

I love life
My inalienable right from birth - to live fully and freely. I give life exactly what I want from life. I'm happy (happy) that I live. I love life!

I create peace in my soul and my body reflects my peace of mind in the form of perfect health.

Each particle of my experience becomes an opportunity
Every problem has a solution. All my experience gives me the opportunity to learn and grow. I'm calm (calm).

I quietly (COOL)
Divine peace and harmony around me and live in me. I feel tolerance, compassion and love for all people, including himself.

I deserve to be (is worthy) LOVE
I do not have to try to earn love. I am worthy (worthy of) love, because there is. Ambient reflect my own self-love.

MY THOUGHTS creative
I say, "Get out!" Every negative thought that comes into my mind. No one person, no place, no one thing does not have power over me, because I - the only creator of my thoughts. I create my reality, and all that is in it.

I live in a world with my age
Each age has its own special joys and experiences. My birthday is always perfect for this place in my life.

The past is gone forever
This is a new day. Day, in which I never lived (lived) before. I'm staying in the present and enjoy every moment of it.

I did not hold near her
I let others experience what matters to them, and I am free (free) to create what matters to me.

I see my parents young children need love
I sympathize with the childhood of my parents. Now I know that I chose (chose) them, so they were perfect for what I should (must) has been (was) to learn. I forgive and release them, and frees itself (himself).

I love to bless his house. I make love in every corner, and my home lovingly responds to the warmth and comfort. I feel good and peaceful to live here.

When I say life is "YES", life will say to me "YES»
Life reflects my every thought. As long as I remain positive thinking, life gives me only a good experience.

TOTAL enough for everyone, including me
Ocean Life abundant and generous. All my needs and desires are met before I have time to ask. Welcome come to me from everywhere and from everyone and from everything.

MY WORK FULLY satisfy me
Today I have given all the abilities that I do, as I understand: when one experience is completed, I was lead to an even greater realization of their opportunities and new rewarding experience.

Now I live in an infinite love, light and joy. All is well in my world.

Opens new doors in the LIFE
I am glad that I have, and I know that I am always waiting in front of a new experience. I meet new with open arms. I believe that life is wonderful.

I declare His power and love create their own reality
I ask to give me more insight, to consciously and with love to build my world and my experience.

NOW I create yourself NEW wonderful job
I'm completely open (open) and sensitive (susceptible) to the wonderful new job. Will I be able to use their talents and creativity, working in a wonderful place, the people and for the people I love. I'll be making good money.

Everything I touch is a success
Now I set for myself a new understanding of success. I know I can achieve success and my success is the way I imagined it. I go into the winner's circle. Brilliant opportunities are everywhere, everywhere. I attracts prosperity in all spheres of life.

I'm open (open) and sensitivity (SENSITVE) to new ways INCOME
Now I get my benefits from expected and unexpected sources. I have boundless being received from the limitless source of unlimited ways. I'm happy (happy) beyond their wildest dreams.

I deserve the best and take this better now
My thoughts and feelings give me everything you need to enjoy a life full of love and success. I deserve all the benefits because she was born (born) to light. I lay claim to my good.

Life is simple and easy
All I need to know at any time, revealed to me. I believe in myself and I believe Life. Everything is good.

I fully complies ANY SITUATION
I make a single whole with the energy and wisdom of the universe. I draw this energy, and it is easy to defend himself.

My body is always working to achieve optimal health. My body wants to be healthy and unharmed. I work with him and become healthy (healthy), strong (strong) and perfect (perfect).

I commend their creativity
My unique talents and creativity to pervade me and expressed in the most amazing way. My creativity always find application.

I am in the process of positive change
I reveal the most amazing ways. Only good can come to me. Now I radiate health, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind.

I accept my UNIQUE
There is no competition and there is no comparison, because we are all different and are designed to be different. I'm special (special) and amazing (amazing). I love myself.

Always around me I see only harmony. I readily am making my contribution to the desired harmony of my life - a joy.

I'm not afraid to look at yourself
Making his way through the veil of opinions and beliefs of other people, I can see inside a magnificent creature - a wise and perfect. I like what I see in myself.

I feel love EVERYWHERE
Love is everywhere, and I love and loved (love). Loving people fill my life, and I find it is easy to express their love for others.

Love others easily when I love and accept myself
My heart is open. I let your love flow freely. I love me. I love other people, and other people like me.

I am beautiful (fine) and everyone loves ME
I radiate approval, and I loved (love) others. Love surrounds and protects me.

I love and approve of myself
I approve of everything I do. I'm good enough (good) so (so) what (a) I am. I express my opinion. I ask for myself what I want. I declare its strength.

I am able to take decisions
I trust my inner wisdom and easy to make decisions.

Whichever form of transport I have chosen (selected), I am in complete safety.

LEVEL continually improve my understanding
Every day I ask your Higher "I" give me the ability to more deeply understand life and rise above the opinions and prejudices.

NOW I accept the perfect husband (wife)
Divine Love is now leading me to the full love relationship with my (my) perfect husband (wife), and helps to keep them.

SAFETY belongs to me now and forever
All that I have, and all of who I am, is protected and safe. I live in a safe world.

Now the process of healing of the world
Every day, I imagine our world as a peaceful, holistic and healing. I see each person is well nourished, clothed and housing.

I love my family
I have a loving, harmonious, happy, healthy family, and we all understand each other.

MY children are under divine protection
Divine Wisdom dwells in each of my children, and they are happy and are protected wherever they go.

I love all of God's creatures - animals, large and small
I easily and lovingly treat all living things, and I know that they are worthy of our love and protection.

The miracle of childbirth - a normal, natural process and I pass it easily, without stress with love.

My child and I are connected to each other by ties of love, happiness and peace. We - happy family.

MY body flexible
Healing energy is constantly flowing through each body joint and cell of my body. I move freely and effortlessly.

I constantly increase their knowledge about themselves, their bodies and their lives. Awareness gives me the strength to take responsibility for themselves.

Exercise helps me maintain youth and health. My muscles like move. I am a living person.

PROSPERITY - MY divine right

I am worthy (worthy of) success and willing to accept prosperity abundantly flowing through my life I lay down and accept with joy and love.

I contacted (connected) With the divine mind
Every day I turn inward, connecting with all the intelligence of the universe. I am constantly guide and direct, comprehensive care about my highest good and happiness.

Today, I look at life with fresh eyes
I'm ready (ready) to see life in a new and different light, to notice what is not seen (not seen) before. A new world is waiting for my new look.

I have to keep pace with today
I opened (open) and sensitive (susceptible) to the new life. I'm ready (ready) to understand VCRs, computers and other electronic devices are wonderful.

I kept perfect for me WEIGHT
My mind and body are in balance and harmony with each other. I reach and retain for himself the ideal weight effortlessly.

I'm in great shape
I love taking care of my body. I eat a healthy diet. I drink a medicinal drink. My body responds to my concern, constantly keeping an excellent shape.

My animals healthy and happy
I love to talk to my animals and they give me to understand how I could ensure their spiritual and physical health. We live happily together. I am in harmony with all Life.

ALL THAT planted, I have everything grows
Every plant, which I touch with love, blooms in all its splendor. Plants are happy. Flowers vibrantly beautiful. Delicious fruits and vegetables ripen in abundance. I am in harmony with nature.

Today is Greater Heal
I establish communication with the healing energy of the universe to heal yourself and everyone around me, who are ready for healing. I know that my mind - a powerful healing tool.

I love and respect elderly people in my life
I belong to the older people in my life with love and respect, because I know that they are wise and wonderful source of knowledge, experience and truth.

My car - a safe haven for ME
When I drive my car, I was fully protected (protected), relaxed (relaxed), and I'm comfortable. I love to bless all the other drivers on the road.

MUSIC enriches my LIFE
I fill my life harmonious and uplifting music that enriches my body and soul. Creative influence surround and inspire me.

I know how to soothe your thoughts
I am worthy (worthy) of rest and silence when they needed me, and I create a space in my life where I can get what I need. I am at peace with my loneliness.

My appearance reflects my love of self
I take good care of yourself every morning and wear clothing that reflects how I love and appreciate life. I'm fine (fine) inside and outside.

I have a lot of time for every case that needs to be done today. I have a strong personality, because I choose to live in the present moment. Here and now all is well.

I give yourself rest from work
I plan to leave in order to give an opportunity to relax my body and soul. I do not go beyond your budget, and always wonderfully spend time. I'm going back to work refreshed (refreshed) and quiet (calm).

I ask for help when they need ITS
I find it easy to ask for help when I need it. I feel protected (protected) in the center of change, because I know that change - the natural law of life. I opened (open) for the love and support of others.

I surround themselves with positive people
My friends and family love and radiate positive energy, and I'll return those feelings. I know that I may have to get rid of those people in my life who did not support me.

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