Where your internal optimist is

Sometimes it is not easy to evoke a response from an optimist within oneself. All the more, so if it is not in your nature to look at the world through the prism of optimism, if your parents were convincing from the childhood that everything is not good enough. However – says the most affluent authority in the sphere of positive psychology Martin Seligman speaks of – to bring up an optimist within oneself is real. Here are a few affirmations, which will help you to react on what is going on optimistically.

Misfortune is not fatal

Any misfortune – is not fatal by nature. Remember that, even better to write it down and always carry it around in your pocket. If you were unable to arrange everything with your love partner, if an employer refused to have an interview with you, if you made mistakes in the yearly report or could not save your smartphone from another drowning – it does not mean you to be a loser. It means only that in this specific situation, your certain actions, words, mood and external circumstances were not for a good cause. This misfortune does not cancel all your previous succeeding let alone does not make it to where you cannot have any in further! It is normal to get upset but to dramatize – not. If you feel like you cannot make it for quite some time – it is time to change tactics or even a goal.After that things will get better for you, sure as hell.

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Someone’s negative – is not yours

It happens to hurt so it brings a tear to an eye when someone turns fire hoses on you, plays dirty tricks, offends, shows indifference. But the truth is that you as a personality have nothing to do with it. Entrenched optimistic people step back from another`s negative or find a way to stop it. Pessimistic people though tend to see a reason within themselves, grieving that they do not deserve love and acceptance. If you feel like second option is yours, starting from today get into the habit of in case of somebody to raise a voice at you, shifting the blame on you, trying to humiliate you, provoking aggression in response, etc., imagine in color that all this flow of negative is turned by the opponent on a reflection of his own or a reflection of his twin. Optimism will come to you after a few such exercises, intuitively.

Luck exists

It is difficult to get rid of feeling to control your life entirely. However, will to such control passing a certain border becomes not pointless only but destructive also. Luck is not an empty sound, it truly exists. Which is why at some point somebody gets lucky and somebody does not and objectively one cannot do anything about it. Learn to treat luck as if it is your pass to the next level, where you will have to work some more to achieve a desired result. In due course, such an attitude will become usual and set free loads of internal force for productive behavior. Nobody born an optimist – people become optimist. You can become an optimist too.

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