Little boss lessons

Parents will agree that children at times control us more effectively than a guru of management with a worldwide recognition would. Their gambling with a million of intonations “Mo-om!” or “Da-ad!” switches an invisible button responsible for instant charging, maximal concentration, multitasking, fleet-footed, in human sharpness of sight, dual-head like. We should take a notice of some little bosses techniques and even use them in business.

No denial is permitted, smile is acceptable

When a child asks for something, s/he does it so any denial is not foreseen. Under any circumstances. Look closer, strain ears, add it to your armoury. At that, the sincerity of the child runs high. Little boss looks straight into your eyes and his eyes shines happily at that time in expectation of his suit being granted, looking extremely busy but all the attention being directed entirely on us. If adults were persuasive and friendly with their colleagues at the same time, the orders would be executed faster.


When a kid shoves under your very nose a new play set and asks you to teach him how to play, - you teach. Because teaching something another person is pleasant. Every mini master class like that makes us more experienced, quick-witted, authoritative in our own eyes. Not “do it for me”, not “help me” (though it is, certainly, as well), but “teach me like you do, you do it so well”. Nothing but the best at once

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Young masters of self-presentation know how to approach right, how to say right words, to make a right face, and then to rejoice right about succeeded object. They do not try to hide a trick up their sleeves, but show what they have got at once. Especially if it is supported with some original gesture or sound! And it works in a remarkable manner. Smoothly, time and again.Perhaps, we should not loosen the purse strings in the first-rate fashion either?

Needed indeed

And finally, children need what they ask for truly. Subjectively and objectively too.There is not a slightest doubt that an asked question should be answered right now, to help, come up with something, to fix, and sometimes even to break on purpose. You know the feeling when a co-worker or a subordinate stars at you bewilderedly in response to your order. It happens not because of him to be stupid but because of him not to understand why and you need to motivate him in addition. If the necessity is obvious – things get done cheerfully and have the intended effect.

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