Secret keys on the way to happiness

Over the last years, appliance of affirmation to achieve goals and increase self-esteem has become a panacea in practice, heal all of sorts personality transformation and a way of its living. Many in the field who tried to use affirmations during sometime following popular recommendations out of a Secret book and alike found that dreams not only do not come true but also there is an unpleasant, painful feeling of them to be very far away and unrealistic and life goes on and wonderful long-hoped for changes are not in a hurry to come over join the party.

Being disappointed in a magic technique of walking through a desired image of oneself and one`s future achievements, people go back to the previous settings and prejudices, what they truly believe in, to usual way of life. Often, as a result of such misfortune at the experiment with affirmations appliance, a human centers around a depression, desperation embraces him; life he was hoping to get slide away, bored through the fingers and left a bitter afterglow only and a feeling of hopelessness.

There is a range of mistakes, many of us make on the way to life transformation with the help of affirmations. To begin with, it is a wrong choice of affirmations you repeat day by day. Affirmation should be so you could believe in it, so there was no feeling of discomfort walking it through, also a silent inner voice, telling you to self-deceiving yourself.

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Positive affirmation about oneself or one’s life should not be the opposite to what you have in your reality at the moment, a strong contrast will be an obstacle only to move forward to achieve your goal and it, in its turn, will seem to be unapproachable. If you repeat day and night as a well-learnt poem how beautiful, successful, happy you are, and what you really think is a cross from continuum and quite negative, then even if you manage to convince yourself for some time in plausibility of pronounced phrases, with the very first facing with cold reality, your rose-colored spectacles will fly into pieces. Your true affirmations about yourself and the world will not let you move to your goals, there will be no transformation until you find and work out all the limiting affirmations and settings and change them for helping ones.

Affirmations are splendid tools in the hands of a human who knows how to use it right. If you want to make your self-esteem higher, change your image, create such a positive affirmation, which will be on the half-way to the image of your Real Self and to the image of your Perfect Self. It is a certain intermediate variant in which you will feel easier to believe in, so a program created by you will start working. The final mistake of affirmations appliance is about us to rely on their magic force entirely and wait for fast results. Power of thought is able to bring you to the will full of healing water but it cannot make you to drink from it. Actions are a fundament of the future transformations, life can offer you loads of opportunities but it is up to you only whether you are to use them.

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